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A revival of disco and retro sounds has taken mainstream pop by storm, that much is clear. From The Weeknd to Dua Lipa, from Raye to Justin Timberlake: many big names took advantage of the legacy of the 80s. But did you know that one sample pack is used so often that it has a major influence on this revival?
Crossover hit Ultra Naté – Free became an anthem about freedom almost immediately, being adopted as an empowerment anthem among the LGBTQ+ community, before getting catapulted back onto the dance floors as an anthem in a post-pandemic world. So how did a small idea in the studio grew into one of the ultimate anthems of freedom?
In general, the Summer Of Love refers to two defining moments in music history, and in a broader sense youth culture. With the pandemic coming to and end, a unique moment appears: the reopening of the dance floors. So is it true? Can we expect a third Summer Of Love?